Why we started REfocused and why it matters.

REfocused mental health

At any point in your life did you say to yourself, “This is not how I envisioned my life to be”? Whether it went better than expected or worse than expected, if you answered yes then REfocused Families is here to help. We can help you move forward and find a healthy balance for your mental health.  We are just like you and asked ourselves that question and with a big YES, we knew we needed to help others. We are a group of licensed professionals that have come together to help you refocus to live life more intentionally.  Click here to learn more about us!

None of us envisioned our lives would turn out the way it has. There have been times when things have turned out better than expected. There are times when things have turned out worse than expected. Throughout time one thing remained a constant in our lives; we could not get through the good or bad times without some form of support.

The pandemic became a test for all of us individually. I, for one, lost my shit constantly as caring for my family in a lockdown was new territory for me. I could not teach my son or daughter online as the fighting became too great. For those of us who have kids, our nonexistent balance of work and life before the pandemic became worse as both worlds collided in an uncontrollable manner. It was difficult to have a work-life balance pre-pandemic. It was not something that employers emphasized and put resources towards the way that they should have done. Now, employers are forced to do so.

Looking back on the start of the pandemic and how the last couple of years have gone, we definitely can say without a doubt that, “This was not how we envisioned our lives.” The pandemic added a layer of stress that was so unknown to us as we had never lived during a lockdown before. What made it more difficult was having children and not knowing how to even talk to them about this. The ups and downs and all arounds of the past couple of years have made it difficult for people to manage. Losing individual focus became easier and easier as your focus shifted to your children, family, and friends. It became easy to lose yourself when so much was no longer in your control. This is why REfocused Families matters. This is why we are here to help you, your family (as you define it), your business, school, or community to live life more intentionally and GET REFOCUSED.  

Contact us here to learn more on how we can help REfocus your life to live a more balanced and fulfilling life.

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