REdefine | REestablish | REnew | REcover

Refocused families

Mental health coaching

REfocused Families is a new and revolutionary form of mental health support to help you achieve a true “Work Life Balance”.
Because work and home are inseparable!

What REfocused Families does

REfocused Coaching focuses on the present and helps you find your strength to move forward with life.

Our REfocused Coaches understand the demands of today to meet the needs of tomorrow. REfocused Families provides you with the education, coaching, resources, motivation and support that you need to get through life’s most challenging moments included and concentrated on the post COVID-19 Pandemic recovery. It is time to REfocus your life, business, school, community, or family, so you can
REdefine, REestablish, REnew, and REcover from life’s challenges. 

Who We Work With





Families (as you define them)


Corporations and Businesses

We integrate work, family, and community to promote wellness and help people live more intentionally!

REFocused Families provides coaching by

Getting to know you, your family, school, group, or company by matching you with one of our trained coaches 

Customizing our coaching to your needs and developing a plan to achieve balance in all areas of your life for better mental health 

Providing coaching virtually, in-person, 1:1, small groups, classes, or seminars for large groups

Customizing a continuing plan for success and offer extended support

How to get started

We are committed to connecting you with the team member that’s best fitted for your needs.

Help us determine who that is by sharing what services you are looking for.

We will contact you to schedule a 30 minute Zoom video call or phone call with the coach that matches your needs.

What are


looking for

How can


best serve you

How would


like to connect

We’ll connect you with the team that best fits your needs when completing the form below

Meet our team

of Nurses, Social Workers, & Teachers Dedicated to Changing the way we approach wellness


Alyssa Conducy (she, her, hers)

Parent & Family Coach, Trainer, and Speaker MSW, LICSW, Independent Licensed Social Worker


Liz Harris (she, her, hers)

Senior Consultant, Former Early Childhood Business Owner, LPN


Mike Zahner (he, him, his)

Special Education Teacher licensed in EBD, ASD, and ABS


Becky Forrest (she, her, hers)

BA, RN Case Manager


Ray Harris (he, him, his)

BA, MA Education, K-12 Special Education Teacher, Veteran

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